Getting Started with SmartCTR


SmartCTR is an easier way of testing different images, content, or styles in production sites to find out which versions perform better (using metrics like click-through-rate, time on page, etc). It is designed to be installed and left in place, automatically finding the best variation and displaying winners as much as possible. Because tests can be created programatically and will find top variations without intervention, SmartCTR can even be used to create and run thousands of tests simultaneously.

Getting Started

The first step in using SmartCTR is to create an account. Once you have that finished you can install your tracking code and begin creating tests. Created tests will automatically appear in your dashboard and will begin rotating and improving automatically.


When fully-installed there are two components to SmartCTR: the testing code and the tracking code. Installation instructions will start with the the tracking code (which is basically just included in your page from our CDN) and then we'll start defining and installing tests.

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